Monitor për reklama

Monitor per reklama DME Series 75″

  • Manage digital signage easily thanks to an effective home UI.
  • Experience prime display options with wireless connectivity.
  • Enhance any display with streamlined and captivating design.
Monitor për reklama
Monitor për reklama


  • DME Series displays excel in performance, boasting Samsung’s proven technology and various size options for adaptable business use.
  • These qualities make them ideal for any business or retail setting.
  • They offer durable 24/7 usage to ensure impactful message delivery.
  • With 450 nit brightness and clear image quality, your content will engage viewers effectively.
  • Samsung’s Picture Quality Enhancer optimizes color, detail, contrast, and temperature for rich visuals.
  • Visibility is maximized by reducing light reflection, glare, and haze to just 2%. Enhanced connectivity includes two HDMI ports for enriched content display.

Samsung SMART Signage

  • The 3rd Generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) features a powerful Quad Core System on Chip (SoC) with an embedded media player.
  • This integrated hardware and software solution eliminates the need for an additional PC unit, streamlining digital signage setup and management.
  • The internal memory has been increased from 4 GB to 8 GB, ensuring robust performance.
  • The enhanced user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the 3rd Generation SSSP make creating, deploying, and managing content easier.
  • It’s an open platform compatible with a wide range of third-party software, offering flexibility and ease of use with other applications.

Simplify content control and enhance efficiency by using the MagicInfo S3 mobile application on your mobile device to create*, edit and deploy content. Wirelessly connect to easily create content using templates, upload and play material from a mobile device, quickly edit content, and readily use playlist navigation to select and start content playing. Further extend connectivity using embedded Wi-Fi, which provides control and sharing with note PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Heighten efficiency and productivity with a newly designed Home Menu UI that displays frequently used functions in a new, large-button matrix design. Simplify usage with a selection of customisable menu configurations that allow ready access to repeatedly used menus. Generate content more easily and conveniently than ever. With the Home Menu’s newly designed templates for various vertical markets including grocery stores, QSRs, terminals and lobbies. Leverage these sharp, professional template layouts to produce and design content in either portrait or landscape orientation. And, turn the Home Menu into a touch-activated user experience by adding an optional Touch Overlay.

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